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I love comics! Nothing is better than kicking back, brainstorming, drawing, inking, scanning, lettering, copying, and distributing something you've made with your own two hands. Listed below are some of the books I've created.







Written and Created by Larry Berlin

Co-Plotter and Artwork by Johnny Gonzales

Loosely based on Larry's unfinished novel. In this crime mystery thriller we meet Raymond Steel. He has only hours left to solve the kidnapping of his fiancee, Jill Tallman. Unfortunately for him, he's not a detective...he's a highschool teacher.
12 pages, blk/wht mini-comic (8.5 x 5.5 inches), $1.00 US plus two stamps or trade.



Written & Created by Larry Berlin

Co-Plotter and Artwork by Johnny Gonzales

The concluding chapter of Ray Steel's story. With time running out, Ray desperately tries to find out the whereabouts of Jill and the identity of her kidnapper. He's narrowed it down to three people close to him, each who have something to hide. Will he succeed in time?

22 pages, blk/wht mini-comic (8.5 x 5.5 inches), $1.00 US plus two stamps.








Created, Written, and Drawn by Floyd Choat

Lettered and Edited by Johnny Gonzales




"STRIKEZONE"(3 Page back-up story)

Created, Written, andDrawn by Johnny Gonzales

This story was created especially for a contest held by Bill Maus for his "Nira-X" series (available at any fine comic shop or directly from Entity Comics. Well, life went on and I had almost forgotten about this contest due to the fact that the closest comic shop is sixty miles away and I only go about every other month. Anyway, about six months later I get a box from Eureka, CA and when I opened it I found a note from Mr Maus congratulating me on being picked as one of the winners. Aside from being published in this particular issue of Nira-X, I also got TEN signed copies of the comic by Bill Maus himself! My head is still swelled up to this day over winning. I can die a happy man now!



Written by Perry Lake

Artwork by Johnny Gonzales

The beautiful lesbian witch who combats the forces of darkness with her growing powers. In this issue, Cassie and her lover, Janelle, attend the Port Costa reggae celtic folk dance that is being held in conjunction with the ancient celtic feast of beltane. Unfortunately, also attending this year's festival is Voodo Priestess, Passionata Boudac, who wants revenge for her father's death at the hands of Cassieopeia...and she plans to summon the father of the serpents, Damballah, to aid in her sinister plans. Cost is $2.50 (includes postage).

IMPORTANT This is an ADULTS ONLY title so you must send an age statement when you order. Ask Perry for a catalogue of his other Cassiopeia books as well as his small press packs. Tell him Gonzo sent you! Order from: